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AEG, LA Finally Lay Michael Jackson Funeral Expenses Issue to Rest

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Michael Jackson's Staples Center memorial was almost a year ago, and the bickering over costs incurred by the city--the cost of the event was put at $3.2 million, according to the LA Times--have been going on nearly as long, with the city, and in particular then-newly-elected City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, demanding AEG pay for the extra police, permits, and sanitation needed for the funeral. Today everyone made up with some money and some kind words for one another. AEG and the Jackson estate have agreed to donate $1 million to the Los Angeles general fund, per a press release, and $300,000 in cash and equipment to the Los Angeles Police Foundation.

More: That last $300,000 "will be realized thru a $90,000 payment previously contributed (raised thru the sale of suites at the Jackson Tribute) and a pledge to provide an additional $210,000 of equipment to be requested by the LAPD including an initial call for the purchase of scanners to be used by police officers patrolling skid row."

AEG CEO Tim Leiweke spends about half the press release thanking city officials and the Jackson estate, but Nuch, who the CEO had publicly bickered with last year, gets his own call-out: "Throughout this process, we have had the opportunity to develop a very positive relationship with him and his office which I am sure we will continue to call upon as we work together on additional issues facing our City in the coming years." Smart move, Leiweke.
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