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Angels Flight Gate Issue, Kennedy Wilson Auction in Pasadena

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We're cutting out early today, Friday summer hours-style. See you on Monday.

Keep that gate closed and don't tumble out, ladies!
DOWNTOWN: Is Angels Flights just one big metaphor for transportation in LA? Because if we can't get two orange cars to travel 300 feet up a hill in downtown, what can we do? Today, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) put out a press release, noting that it had ordered Angels Flight to stop operating until repairs are made to a faulty end-gate on one of the cars (arrows show an example of the gate). Download the letter sent out here. According to John Welborne, president of the Angels Flight Railway, a CPUC staffer happened to be driving by and saw one of the gates open while the car was operating and carrying passengers. "The CPUC was vigilant and noticed it and we appreciated it," he said. The problem is expected to be wrapped up by Saturday, he said. This report follows a Los Angeles Times story last week that the National Transportation Safety Board was disappointed with the lack of a walkway off the funicular, which was the site of a deadly 2001 accident. UPDATE: Angels Flight started running again on Saturday afternoon, according to a press release from Welborne. [Curbed InBox]

: The auction process marches on: Kennedy Wilson will auction off 12 townhouses and flats at Vista del Arroyo in Pasadena on Sunday, July 11, 2010, according to a press release on their web site. This would not be the first auction for these units. UPDATE: As a reader points out, a previous auction for the bungalows was held, but these are the townhomes that are now being auctioned off. More on the big day. [Kennedy Wilson]