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There Is Now One More Tiny, Potential Beach-Front House in Malibu

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The California Coastal Commission has ruled on a skinny, 12,750 square foot ocean-front lot in Malibu that has three public access easements and lies in the Las Flores Creek floodplain, reports the Malibu Times. Commission staff estimate it has 2,500 square feet of developable land on it. Hot! The commission changed the zoning of the land from visitor-serving to single-family residential, making it an anomaly in the multi-family and commercial neighborhood (the site is right next to Duke's Malibu). It's also out of step with its multi-family-zoned brother parcel to the north, which has the same owner.

The commission's staff report (link goes to a pdf), however, says that designating the little guy multi-family "would provide an unreasonable expectation that four units could be approved on the parcel." The city, on the other hand, was concerned that two different designations for two commonly-owned parcels would make their lives difficult if they wanted to approve a merger of the parcels or a multi-family development that would span the two. The owner is hoping to merge the two properties so he can build bigger on the northern parcel. In 2000 he applied to build eight condo units totaling 19,000 square feet; that plan was denied by the Coastal Commission.
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