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Here's What Your Hollywood Target Would Look Like

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Another week, another development smackdown in Hollywood. This time the fight is over a Target proposed for the entire block at Sunset and Western, currently the site of derelict-looking strip mall containing a CVS pharmacy and a shuttered Farm Fresh Ranch Market. How is everyone feeling about a bulls-eye super store landing in Hollywood? Opponents will say: Hell, no, this store is too tall, why couldn't the parking be put underground, the traffic study is based on outdated information, and how come the city keeps making exceptions to its building height rules? And they'll add: Hey, if you make one exemption when it comes to height, other developers will come swarming in (and possibly sue if they can't). Proponents will say, Hell, yes, bring on the tax revenue, the jobs, and thanks, now we don't have to drive to West Hollywood for our Target fix. And they'll add: Hey, this store will help the whole skeevy area look better.

As for the details: It's a three-level store, there are two levels of parking, and the store is on top. The lower level parking will have retail, too. There are a total of 458 parking spaces. The store will be 80 feet tall, much taller than what is usually allowed. Right now, commercial store heights are limited to 35 feet, or 75 feet for mixed-use buildings, in this section of the city.

As for the arguments for and against, all those voices and opinions referenced above were heard at a Planning and Land Use Committee meeting held this past Tuesday (and in comments submitted to the city about the project), a hearing that was ultimately postponed until June 29th.

And whatever your feelings about this Target, probably everyone can agree on this: Planning and Land Use meetings need better planning! While the hearing was continued, one resident, Aaron Epstein (not Ed, as originally written), talked during the public comment period, speaking about the difficulties of making the trip to City Hall only to discover the hearing for the store had once again been delayed (even though administrators in the city told him otherwise that morning). This is the third time the hearing has been pushed back, Epstein told the PLUM members: "Please, there must be a better way of doing things, I am 79 years old, it is not easy for me to get on the Red Line and come down here, but I am more than happy to do it for a cause. But I ask for respect from the people here in City Hall." The PLUM committee apologized to Epstein.
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