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Majestic Takes On a Former McCain Flack

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The San Gabriel Valley Tribune is reporting that Majestic Realty has hired Ben Porritt, a spokesperson for John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign. What to make of it? Here's what the paper thinks: "The move comes at a time when [Majestic's Ed] Roski is facing competition to build a NFL stadium and bring back football to the Los Angeles region was recently brought on by Majestic Realty. Porritt now helps runs Outside Eyes, a public relations firm "provides media strategy, brand development and crisis management," according to its website." Porritt looks rather fresh-faced!

And he's still trying to get his MBA. Here's his bio, which doesn't make mention of the McCain bit. "Ben Porritt is a partner and Senior Strategist of Outside Eyes. He is a strategy team leader for major corporate clients and lead Strategist for crisis projects.

Prior to joining Outside Eyes, Porritt served as the Press Secretary for Majority Leader in the House of Representatives. Before that, Porritt served as Deputy Communication Director for Department of Justice and Deputy Press Secretary for the 55th Presidential inaugural Committee. Porritt also served as a Spokesman during the 2004 presidential campaign after working in the White House Communications Office. Porritt has worked with the media on national and regional scale and has been interviewed on television and radio outlets across the country.

Porritt is a graduate of Bradley University and is pursuing his M.B.A at the University of Southern California."
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