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NBA Finals Really Screwing With Everyone's Downtown Plans

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Is this what it's like to actually have things going on Downtown? Tomorrow night, the NBA Finals go into game seven at the Staples Center and the Los Angeles Film Festival kicks off at LA Live's Regal Cinemas. On top of that, the E3 Expo, which Reuters tells us is "the world’s most important video game trade show," has been running since yesterday and wraps up tomorrow, with events at the Convention Center and LA Live. Bustley! Reuters says that last night, during game six, "already snarled traffic got even worse, slowing transportation around the gameshow to a crawl." Of course that can't be helped by the fact that E3 attendees are "forced to shuttle from venue to venue" for some reason. Tomorrow night should be a real mess: a rare game seven starts at 6 and the LAFF's premiere starts at 7:30, with an afterparty on top of LA Live's west garage. As theWrap points out, "the streets below could be teeming with 20,000 Laker fans in the mood to celebrate or mourn, as the case may be." And we know how those celebrations go, even when the Lakers aren't in town. AEG's special events manager tells theWrap "It’s not even a problem. This is an events space, and we’ve seen it all." Blogdowntown Twitters that Mayor Villaraigosa and Chief Beck will be having a press conference this afternoon "to discuss prep" for the Finals tomorrow night. Oh, and don't worry: LAPD is already making arrests in anticipation of tomorrow's Lakers game.
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