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All Saints Church Fighting For a Little Modernism in Pasadena

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[Rendering via All Saints Church]

Pasadena's All Saints Church, which sits across from city hall, is planning a 15 year master plan that would add three new buildings and a 500 seat open-air forum to its 2.8 acre campus. They're working with architects Michael Palladino of Richard Meier & Partners and preservation specialist Payton Hall on a project that looks like it'll stir some modern into the existing Gothic-style pot. And Pasadena seems to hate it.

A year and a half ago the plan had gotten approval from city staff and the Design Commission when the Planning Commission told the church to step on the brakes and put together a full environmental impact report. The Pasadena Star-News reports that the church is almost done with the report now and expects to start running the planning gauntlet again in July or August. Opponents of the expansion claim that "modernist glass buildings beside the 87-year-old church would be incompatible with specific 'Gray Book' rules hammered out years ago to preserve the area's historic character." Rector Ed Bacon soldiers on, with the help of a new PR flack, and says the church has raised $24 million of the $45 million needed for the project. In honor of Rector Bacon, the expansion has been dubbed "The Ed-ifice." Nice one, Pasadenans!
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