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Mackey Garage Project, 818 Croft Question

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The work underway at the Mackey Garage
WEST HOLLYWOOD: The MAK Center is playing host to the Mackey Garage, part II, an art project which'll see both local and international artists and architects create works specifically for the Mackey Garages. "Featuring a brand new second-floor project space dubbed the “Garage Top,” the five newly rebuilt and enhanced garage units will be the setting for this exhibition of site-responsive interventions." Exhibitions hours and more via ArtSlant. [ArtSlant]

: Are these even more condos? The city is quite full. Burp. Actually, we don't know what they are, but a reader writes: "Can you look into what’s going up next to 818 N Croft Ave...It’s a tiny lot but there’s a lot of movement going on there." UPDATE: Commenter Jeff Jacobberger notes: "The 800 block of North Croft Avenue is in Los Angeles, not West Hollywood. A permit for a 4-story 6 unit apartment building at 812 N Croft was issued on April 2, 2010." [Curbed InBox]