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Another Eric Owen Moss Home Hits the Market

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While we're fans of the great Folgers tower of the Culver City, the appeal of this Eric Owen Moss-designed home isn't quite as apparent. It was built in 1991, and well, it's feeling a little dated. But the critics seems to like it: "With soaring living spaces, walls for art and an ocean-view aerie, this home has been featured in books, magazines, movies, TV shows, commercials and music videos." What music videos--who isn't dying to know what singer navigated those stairs? Additionally, the home made "100 OF THE WORLD'S BEST HOUSES" (Images, 2002), " according to the listing." The sellers are asking $5.85 million. Meanwhile, that other Eric Owen Moss home in the Pacific Palisades just saw a minor price adjustment.
· 167 South WESTGATE Ave [Redfin]

167 South WESTGATE Avenue, los angeles