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Angels Flight: Still a Stairway to Heaven?

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Back in March, Angels Flight, that Bunker Hill funicular that was the site of a deadly 2001 accident, re-opened, and all was right with the world. But wait! The National Transportation Safety Board believes the ride is still not safe enough, reports the Los Angeles Times. Their recommendation: A walkway should have been placed alongside the ride in case there's a need to evacuate passengers.

The operator of the ride disputes the need, according to the paper. "John Welborne, president of the Angels Flight Railway, said his organization made a series of important safety improvements when it rebuilt the funicular, including the installation of five levels of braking systems. Safety experts, as well as the PUC, concluded that the addition of a walkway would probably make the funicular less safe by tempting passengers to cross the steep rails in an emergency, he said.

"It's incredibly dangerous for people to be walking out onto the track-way. It's like having civilians in elevator shafts. You just don't do it," he said." The California Public Utilities Commission (PUC), which signed off on the recently-opened funicular, is going to respond to the letter.
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