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One House Crosses the Finish Line in Beverly Hills Construction Race

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A reader has hipped us to this exciting development in the great Sunset Boulevard megamansion-off, a race to build on land once belonging to sheik Mohamed al-Fassi, who was known for having pubic hair painted on the statuary. Yes, we have a winner--9577 Sunset has raced to market, beating out rival 901 Alpine. Construction on this house has been going on since 2006, led by owner C. Frederick Wehba Sr., founder of real estate company Bentley Forbes Group, and architects Biglin Architecture Group. Who knows why Wehba and his wife have decided to list the home (if they in fact still own it), but let's get the deets already!

Final square footage is 36,000, with 9 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. The listing says the house has "hand painted detailing & state of the art electronics. Commercial level systems...Delicate hand carved imported limestone exterior, onyx marbles, marble columns, antique mirrors, exceptional French moldings with 24karat gilt," a tennis court, a pool pavilion, and an "Opulent two story circular entry with a magnificent skylight," all on an "extraordinary scale." A 2008 Los Angeles Business Journal article put the cost of the house at $40 million (and mentioned its gold-plated doorknobs--cold hands!). Here it is, asking $68.5 million.
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9577 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA