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El Dorado Sales Check, West Hollywood Ficus Cutting Spree?

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DOWNTOWN: The El Dorado cancelled its auction due to water main issues earlier this year, and now developer Bill Stevenson says the Department of Water and Power has been wrapping up work on the line. He expects to get the certificate of occupancy in July. Meanwhile, 20 units are in contract, according to Stevenson. Meanwhile, with this update do all those skeptics still think the El Dorado auction was really cancelled--under the guise of water issues--as a strategic move to delay sales till the market gets better? [Curbed InBox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: A reader wants to know why the ficus trees---always a touchy subject--have fallen. "I know this is a random one and I dont have a pic right now but it appears WEHO has cut the trees (ficus I think) down to 6-8' stumps of sorts up and down Sunset from the Roxy to the Viper Room. Random I know." [Curbed InBox]

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