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Downtown LAPD Lawn Repairs Tied Up in Insurance Claims

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The Los Angeles Times wades into the story about the great brown lawn at the LAPD headquarters, reporting that there's bickering about how the the lawn, which was damaged during a November fund-raising event, should be paid for. While the police foundation--the group that held the ball--admits they are responsible for turning the damage around, now there's a "dispute between insurance companies over who should pay for the $12,000 replanting," according to Thom Brennan, commanding officer of the LAPD's Facilities Management Division. More via the paper: "A new setback came Monday. After indicating that payment would be made for the damaged lawn, Brennan said, representatives of an insurance company for an event-planning firm hired to stage the fundraiser notified the city that they would pay only for sprinkler repairs — not for replacing the grass. The company argued that the turf had been too new and the event shouldn't have been permitted on the lawn, Brennan said." Downtowners also gripe to the paper about the lack of green grass.
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