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LACMA's Baby Piano is Wide Open, But Not For Very Long

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The Renzo Piano-designed Resnick Pavilion at LACMA doesn't open until October, but it's easing onto the art scene with a test installation of Walter De Maria's The 2000 Sculpture. LACMA opened the building up just for the day yesterday, and Curbed visited the newborn at dusk (compare to LACMA's blindingly white photograph, probably taken in the morning). The post on Unframed announcing the sneak peak (now redacted) said "the Resnick Pavilion will never again look the way it will for you [Thursday]—so vast and spacious with only a single work of art cast in the middle."
· “Testing” the Resnick Pavilion—with Walter De Maria’s Help [Unframed]

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA