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Work Underway on Ball-Nogues "Cradle" for Santa Monica

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On their Facebook page, downtown design and architecture firm Ball-Nogues shows off the latest work underway on their public art piece, Cradle, that'll go up later this summer on the east wall of Parking Structure 7, one of the under-construction Pugh + Scarpa lots attached to the new Santa Monica Place. See what it'll look like when finished. Eventually the piece will be festooned with steel orbs hung by cables, sort of "like an enormous Newton's cradle," says Ball-Nogues' Martina Dolejasova.

This is the shell part of the project--the actual artwork is coming. Dolejasova says the artwork, being assembled in Burbank, will be up on the garage by July 27--the Santa Monica city website indicates #7 should open for business in August so that sounds about right.

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