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Wallace Neff's First House Up For Sale in Santa Barbara

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This appears to be architect Wallace Neff's first ever house, built for his mother (a Rand McNally heir) in 1919 in Santa Barbara's Lower Riviera. The listing suggests some activities for the enjoyment of the four bedroom, two bathroom house: "Relax in the living room near the grand and massive fireplace that was Neff's guiding force in designing the home. Gaze at the gorgeous wooden beams that highlight Neff's admiration of English Arts-and-Crafts style. Experience dinner al fresco on one of the generously sized terraces."

Dropping some history is a historic-cultural monument application for a different Neff house: "Shortly after the end of the war, he received his first architectural commission, for a house in Santa Barbara, from his mother. Since he did not have an architectural license, at a time when the State of California was becoming strict about requiring one, he joined up with Santa Barbara architect William A. Edwards to do the design for the Tudor cottage for his parents. The project did make pages of several architectural magazines. It was also to survive the devastating 1925 Santa Barbara Earthquake virtually unscathed." Asking price is $1.495 million.
· Spectacular 1919 Wallace Neff Masterpiece [Team Scarborough]

1426 Alta Vista Rd., Santa Barbara, CA