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Will Water Shows Make People Want to Go to California Adventure?

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Poor California Adventure, redheaded stepchild of the Disney theme park empire. Only six million people visited last year, while 16 million shelled out for across the courtyard neighbor Disneyland, which the New York Times says is "often so crowded that guests are unpleasantly packed elbow to elbow." Rub it in, NYT. Disney is hoping $1 billion will fix the problem, and it's adding a new entrance, brick streets, The Little Mermaid and Cars attractions, and a water show called World of Color, opening today. The Disneyland Hotel's rooms and pool are also getting makeovers.

As for the $75 million World of Color, the NYT says to imagine the Bellagio dancing fountains: "Constructed in a three-acre lagoon, the 26-minute show combines music, lighting, fire, lasers and 1,200 programmable jets of water to bring classic Disney characters to life...The individual fountains, which rise as high as 200 feet in the air, are built on an underwater platform the size of a football field, according to Disney, and feature 18,000 points of control for color intensity, water angle and height." We don't know why people are so averse to California Adventure anyway--there's booze there and its version of Mulholland Drive is rarely closed due to mudslides.
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