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WeHo's Aging Sewer System Brings About Rate Hike Proposal

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The Park La Brea News reports that West Hollywood, which must repair and replace its aging sewer system, is considering a sewer rate hike, a move that would see charges rise by 75 percent. That may seem like quite a hefty hike but West Hollywood City Clerk Tom West argues the rates have been "unreasonably low for years." In terms of what neighboring cities pay in terms of sewer rates, a Los Angeles family pays $175.00 a year in sewer rates, according to a fact sheet put earlier this month by the city of West Hollywood, while a Beverly Hills family pays a whopping $374.28. Nevertheless, at least one group is rallying against the hike. More via the paper: "The new annual rates, which are assessed on property tax bills, are $37.90 per single family home (up from $21.66) and $22.75 per unit for multi-family units (up from $13 per unit).

The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA), a group representing landlords and property owners, is opposing the increase. According to the notice of public hearing, if written protests are filed by a majority of property owners that would be impacted by the hike, the council will not adopt the proposed increase. AAGLA is trying to get those protests filed." Via Nick Sherman
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