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Tidy Living (But With Views) On Glencoe Way

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Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times looked at how Angelenos are cramming themselves in tiny residences. Newly-divorced Timm Freeman pays $1,110 a month for a 350-square foot studio in Santa Monica's Olympic Studios, a space that's just big enough for Freeman and his guitar. Well, this home will seem like a castle compared to that project. This is a 640 square foot home on Glencoe Way, and it appears you'll be paying $509,000 for the view. "Livable now but ready to add your upgrades and designers touch. Freshly painted inside and out. Hip Hollywood Heights/Theo Wilson Square Neighborhood near the Hollywood Bowl. If you are looking for a secluded property with amazing views and outdoor living this is the place!"
· 2065 GLENCOE Way [Redfin]
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2065 GLENCOE Way, los angeles