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Catalina Island Pushes Zip-Line, Banishes Feral Cats to Fresno

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Hollywood missed out on its zip-line chances, but there's still a harness waiting for you just a boat ride away. In April, Catalina Zipline Eco-Tour opened in Avalon, taking zippers on five lines for $89. It's the only zip-line in LA or Orange County. The Daily Breeze describes some of the ride: "3,671 feet of steel from the top of Hogsback Ridge, about 600 feet above sea level, down to Descanso Beach. At one exhilarating point, riders are suspended 300 feet above Descanso Canyon floor, providing an eagle-eye view of mountains and ocean." The Santa Catalina Island Company is desperate to reinvigorate tourism to the island (it fell 20% from 2007 to 2009), and has also put money into renovating the Pavilion Hotel, which reopened last week, and the Descanso Beach Club.

The Sea Trek Undersea Adventure, in which tourists "strap on specially engineered undersea helmets and take a stroll on the seafloor," is waiting for approval from the Coastal Commission. Additionally, last week, the Catalina Island Humane Society announced it had partnered with the City of Avalon and a local vet to relocate "most" of the feral cat population in the area. According to a press release, there's the chance of "potential liabilities" if the cats come into contact with humans enjoying the new Zipline and Sea Trek activities. So 65 cats were moved to The Cat House on the King's, a no-kill feline sanctuary near Fresno. There may be fewer fish to catch, but the Cat House looks like pretty good living.
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