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Silver Lake Joggers, Coyotes Eventually Getting New Wooden Walkway

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The plan to open the much ballyhooed Silver Lake meadow, a project that had neighbors fighting neighbors is now delayed--the official word from the city is that it has to due with budget problems. In the meantime, it looks like another long-planned proposal is going forward. The Department of Water & Power recently put up this sample of a wooden walkway that would connect West Silver Lake Drive and Armstrong Drive. Right now, joggers doing the loop around the reservoir cut across Tesla Avenue, which can be a little dicey and dangerous given the cars that go zipping down the road. The DWP is asking for input for this test bridge. Write to and let them know what you think of the sample. Different stain, perhaps? A few inches higher? Someone help the coyotes, also at the center of the meadow fight, learn how to use a keyboard.
· Silver Lake Meadow Opening by Summer [Curbed LA]

West Silver Lake Drive and Armstrong Drive, los angeles