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City Wants Septic Tanks to Cough Up Some More Cash

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More waste news! The Department of Public Works has proposed that septic tank owners in the city be required to "buy annual permits, replace malfunctioning tanks, or connect to the sewers," reports the LA Times. There are 11,643 septic tanks in LA, and fun fact--the highest concentration is in Sunland-Tujunga. While some residents quoted in the article just want the smells to go away, others are concerned about fees, particularly for septic tanks in high-risk areas, meaning "900 feet from an active water well or 600 feet from water sources with high bacteria levels." The LAT says statistics provided by the Sanitation Bureau put the number of high-risk tanks at 104, but that a fact sheet sent to residents in April had the number at 2,307. Estimated permit fees "range from a 'nominal' fee to almost $300 a year; pumping and inspection services would range from $380 to $3,800 a year for septic systems in high-risk areas; and replacing a septic tank or connecting to a central sewer line could run around $15,000." Septic tanks are a hot button topic--Malibu is working on a similar painful transition away from septic tanks, and Old Topanga is trying to unannex itself from Calabasas over septic inspections.
· Some homeowners cling to their septic tanks [LAT]