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Puppetry of the Traffic-Clogged 405 North Freeway

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Uhh, how about some puppet talk on the ride home? Starting tonight, USC student/artist Joel Kyack is launching a new mobile puppet show for drivers crawling on LA freeways during rush-hour. According to a press release, the mobile theater is housed in the back of a white pickup truck. "The varying performances each deal with notions of chaos and control: individuals imposing their will on the world and how they allow the world to impose its will on them. Equipped with an FM broadcaster, the performances’ soundtracks are made available to nearby drivers via their car stereos." The first performance kicks off tonight on the 405N between Clarkdale and Bel-Air.
· Joel Kyack (MFA '08) launches Superclogger, large-scale public project presented by LA> [Official Site]