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Santa Monica Quonset Hut Survives, Developer Will Build Around It

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Architect Killefer Flammang's latest project in Santa Monica (others include apartments on 6th Street and the Paseo Nebraska/SCI-Arc project) is the Quonset Court Apartments, a 97-unit affordable apartment. What's interesting about the site is that it housed an original Quonset Hut, a prefabricated structure used during World War II, and then unloaded cheaply after the war. The L-shaped Quonset Hut in Santa Monica was once used for a surplus store, and after some back and forth, it's now a city landmark. The developer of the apartment building, NMS Properties, originally wanted to demolish the hut--which had the backing of those who see as it as nothing more than a glorified AirStream ---but the developer now intends to reconstruct the Hut and incorporate it into the new building, "most likely for use as a cafe or retail shop," according to a press release. The project, a Broadway and 9th, will open in mid-2012. Last we heard, the hut had been temporarily removed from the site.
· Killefer Flammang [Official Site]