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Voodoo Can't Save Downey Man in Real Estate Fraud Case

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If you're being investigated for real estate fraud, you can hire a big-time lawyer to help you out. Or you can go the old-fashioned route and put your hands in the fate of shrunken heads and pins. Today's Downey Patriot recounts the case of Ruben Hernandez, 34, who purchased six properties via false social security information. During the trial, prosecutors realized they were being targeted. "When authorities executed a search warrant on the home where Hernandez was staying, they discovered a voodoo shrine, the prosecutor said. The shrine included various artifacts and voodoo dolls – dunked head down in cups of water with pins in the eyes – featuring the names of the prosecutor, the investigators assigned to the case and the case number." This past Wednesday, Hernandez was found guilty on four counts of filing a false application and three counts of grand theft, according to the Press-Telegram.
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