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Judge Says Schwarzenegger Can Grab CRA Funds

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Remember how the California Redevelopment Association flipped out last summer when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he'd be raiding their funding to help close the state deficit? Earlier this week, a judge sided with the state, saying Schwarznegger has the right to seize local CRA funds, and re-direct more than $2 billion to school operations, according to the Associated Press. But even the AP notes that the ruling, which is being appealed, "is unlikely to stave off deep cuts to education, social services and health care for children and the poor." So it sounds like debating the merits of development vs. helping children may be a waste of time. Back in July 2009, the Times reported that $313.4 million from Los Angeles County CRA funds would be seized. A local CRA chapter made up a list of projects it believed would be affected by the lost funds, developments ranging from the Academy of Motion Picture Museum (pictured) to the Hollywood freeway cap. Today's Santa Monica Daily Press also covers the ruling, reporting that $21 million would be raided from CRA funds in that city, a move that would impact, "new parks, the building of a new library, the revitalization of facilities at Santa Monica High School, transportation improvements related to the Exposition Light Rail, the updating of the city's traffic signal master plan, the enhancement of pathways and streetscapes, and the creation of an early childhood center," according to the paper.
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