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Another Gregory Ain in Mar Vista

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Black and white photos via MP Group
One of those Gregory Ain-designed Mar Vista tract home is about to hit the market again. This is 3501 Meier Street, a four-bedroom, two-bath home that's asking $1.325 million. Via MP Group's web site, some more black and white shots of the home around the time it was built, and some information about the tract itself: "Built in the late 1940's, these homes sold between $12,400 and $12,950...This simple post-and-beam, flat roofed structure was the architect's answer to affordable yet aesthetic post-war housing." That other spendy Gregory Ain, the one with a pool that hit the market in March, is now sale pending.
· 3501 Meier Street [Deasy Penner]

3501 Meier Street, los angeles