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British-ification of Sawtelle Continues: St. John's Wood Nearly Finished

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And so we head to the sweet spot of Sawtelle Blvd to look at the latest construction shots of St. John’s Wood. The 55-unit project, named after a neighborhood in London, will be done in six weeks, according to developer Peter Wilson, who also did the Soho Square project next door. Wilson must be homesick--all his projects have British names. Pricing for St. John's Wood hasn't been set yet, but it's expected that prices will fall in the $400,000-$600,000 range. And some satisfying news for those who like to see buildings sell out: 88 units at the 94-unit Soho Square have closed escrow. Wilson said he believes the combination of pricing--they were priced from $399,000-$629,000(* updated; originally we wrote $329,000)--the location, and FHA financing helped sales. Meanwhile, this project is right up the street from the Kanner Architects-designed Exposition project. Last weekend, it was still looking very lonely--the project is on a hiatus following a lender switcharoo.
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1700 Sawtelle, los angeles