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Infamous Venice Spec House Foreclosed Upon, Help Out Joycie Fickett

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VENICE: That home in Venice that went up at 1021 Palms Boulevard, and then was renovated and then was offered up as a short sale--listed for $1.19 million--is now in foreclosure. Not sure when it happened, but last Sunday, a sign was spotted up on the door of the home, informing whoever may or may not be in the residence of the bad news. Never a dull moment with this one. [Curbed Staff]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Hey, underemployed architect, help out Ms. Fickett. And, err, better hurry. Via the InBox: "Joycie Fickett, [widow of Edward Fickett] needs some help with getting an architect to speak in favor of Local Cultural Resource status for 1422 N. Sweetzer, also known as the Sunset Lanai, located a few feet below Sunset, that her husband Edward Fickett designed for Los Angeles developer George Alexander in 1952. She also needs help gathering some of the paperwork for this project from her husband's office. She must turn everything in by this Monday, May 10th, to John Chase, West Hollywood's Urban Designer... she is now living in the Four Seasons Hotel (310) 273-2222, and can be reached there." The deadline is late Monday afternoon, the WeHo News has more. [Curbed InBox]