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Bats about Bats: Metal Baseball Bat Ban Advances

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Yesterday, a California legislative committee pushed forward a bill that would place a two year ban on the use of metal bats. The bill was proposed after a Marin County baseball player was hit in the head via a line drive off an aluminum bat. But it'll cost schools more to buy wooden bats (the bats have to be replaced more frequently), a point made by a Desert Sun editorial which argues, "it's going to be a financial hardship on schools, which is why they switched to metal bats in the first place in the 70s." As for the players, the Lodi Sentinel quotes sophomore Joey Armstrong, who "doesn't want to make the switch from aluminum to wooden bats. He knows the sweet spot is smaller on a wooden bat, giving batters less of a chance to make good contact."
· Calif. lawmakers seek temporary ban on metal baseball bats [SGVT]