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Annenberg Community Beach House Gets Its Own Dance Piece

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[Photos 1-4 by David Lowe; photos 5-9 courtesy Annenberg Community Beach House]

Choreographer Holly Rothschild closed out her Annenberg Community Beach House artist-in-residency Monday night with This is Not Here, a site-specific dance piece performed all over the Beach House's grounds. Rothschild tells Curbed in an email, "I worked with this existing architecture incorporating the balconies of the Marion Davies House, the Dome in the playground and 2 water features...The piece kept coming down to 2 basic elements. The natural shifting environment of the light, water, sand, weather and the static element of the architecture." The piece purposely stayed outside, but out of the pool, "because we would have needed to hire a lifeguard every time we were in the pool area," according to the artist's statement. Rothschild and her husband, composer Luke Rothschild, created a score with sounds "sourced from this space or from Marion Davies’ films." (Davies was the house's original occupant). The dancers were Kathleen Davidson, Sarah Elgart, Sevenju Pepper, Andrea Schermoly, Chris Stanley, Jones Welsh, and Alesia Young. Rothschild tells us they're thinking about reprising This is Not Here this summer; event information is here.
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Annenberg Community Beach House

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Annenberg Community Beach House

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