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Know Your Ritz-Marriott Supergraphics: Three More Probably Coming

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In the gallery: Elevations from a 2008 city planning document showing where the four supergraphics can go
While it may have been jarring for some readers to see a Coke supergraphic go up on the side of the new Ritz/Marriott hotel, four supergraphics were approved for the downtown hotel complex. In the gallery, you'll see where the remaining three signs are permitted, but basically Godzilla signage is allowed on nearly all sides of the Gensler-designed building. Who knew AEG's plan all along was to wrap the Ritz in Coke ads, tie it up with a Toyota bow? Not us! And as for that small Verizon ad, sign district rules allow AEG to put up a limited amount of other advertising. As for what the architects think, the Urban Studio's John Kaliski, the former president of the American Institute of Architects, is non-plussed. He points out LA Live is designed to be all about branding, entertainment, and consumption. "I guess things go better with Coke," he cracks. And of the tower, he adds: "Does the sign besmirch this building? No, it's a commercial building in the end, it’s not a museum." Small photo of Ritz via Marla Aufmuth
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