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Steve Hermann's Glass Pavilion in Montecito

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A reader passes on the listing for a Steve Hermann-designed home in Montecito that's on the market for a mere $35 million. The home is notable for having a 32-car garage, a space which can also double as art gallery. Via the listing: "The Glass Pavilion is a redefining structure within modernism. It is a benchmark building that sets the bar as to what modernism is and can be. Set within a 3.5 acre estate of oak groves in Montecito and boasting 15,000 square feet under roof, this home is impressive beyond words. An almost entirely glass home, it allows the occupants to be comfortably inside while completely enveloped within nature." Here's the official web site if you want to get inside Hermann's fans include everyone from Christina Aguilera to Courtney Cox, according to his web site.
· The Glass Pavilion [WEA]