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Chapter Closes on Twice-Baked Venice House, Bolted Ceilings in Eagle Rock

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VENICE: Barring any new exciting exterior changes, like the addition of bacon bits or sour cream, it looks like we can call the saga of the twice-baked house in Venice, the home that caught fire on two separate occasions, officially over. You've come a long way, charred one. [Curbed Staff]

EAGLE ROCK: A friend writes in: "Had to share this lovely Eagle Rock, north of Colorado listing with you. It features "Korean" counter-tops and a "bolted" ceiling. As a grammarian, I feel obligated to point out the amusing error. But then the posts in the [Redfin] forum got kind of unpleasant: So I started to feel for the listing agent....I could have let it pass if he had just posted photos." [Redfin]