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Sharrows, Bike Lanes, Landscaping Coming to Santa Monica Streets

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The Santa Monica Daily Press reports that the Santa Monica City Council approved two streetscape improvement plans last week, one for Ocean Park Boulevard and one for Twentieth Street and Cloverfield Boulevard. Under the first plan, nine blocks on Ocean Park's western end will get bigger curbs, wider bike lanes, greener medians, new crosswalks, and landscaping to capture stormwater runoff. The second plan updates Twentieth and Cloverfield, roughly between the 10 and Pico, and includes new lighting, Santa Monica's first sharrows, and a tree switchup--36 bottlebrushes will be replaced with 107 crape myrtle, evergreen madrona, and firewheel trees. [Pictured: a rendering of the Ocean Park Boulevard update; image via Urban Studio]
· Ocean Park facelift OK'd by council [SMDP]