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Tempering the Talk about High-Speed Rail, New Study Up North

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Streetsblog DC covers yesterday's briefing by the Environmental Institute and the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), an event that saw a more tempered response to the proposed high-speed rail network, and a lot of talk about the importance of strong government partnership on the project. According to Streetsblog, "private-sector planner Bruce Horowitz warned yesterday that even in the case of Europe and Asia's successful rail lines, consistent government spending was needed to help balance capital and operating budgets." Meanwhile, a group of Northern California residents opposed to the high-speed rail's current configuration around the Peninsula cities of Menlo Park and Atherton, worked with Sacramento-based California Rail Foundation to commission a study that found "bullet trains would get to San Francisco quicker and cause less environmental damage if they traveled through the East Bay," according to the Oakland Tribune. The study, released by French firm Setec Ferroviaire, is drawing criticism from at least one high-speed rail authority member. Board Member Rod Diridon said, "the French firm has no official standing and is working on behalf of an advocacy group."
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