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RX, Please: Developer Sues Beverly Hills Over Wilshire Blvd Site

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The Los Angeles Business Journal is reporting that the Kobor Family Trust is suing the city of Beverly Hills over an under-construction project at 8767 Wilshire Blvd (pictured, last year). Originally envisioned as a four-story office building, the family sought to convert the project to a medical office space, a proposal that was shot down by the city of Beverly Hills, which has been trying to rein in the number of medical plazas in its gilded city. (Given that everyone from dentists to plastic surgeons wants a coveted Beverly Hills address to help bring in customers, the city voted earlier this year to cap the number of new medical offices.) Well, backed by prominent land use attorney Benjamin Reznick, the family is suing. Via the Los Angeles Business Journal: "The lawsuit challenges the city’s assertion that converting the building to medical office space would create adverse traffic conditions and claims the city was biased against any further medical office projects within its borders. The lawsuit seeks $40 million in damages from the city."
· Office Building Owner Sues Beverly Hills [LABJ]