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What a Little Sand and Water Do For a House's Value in Malibu

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Of course beachfront houses come at a premium, but just how much of a premium? PropertyShark has crunched a few 2009 Malibu sales numbers, separating houses out into beachfront (orange pins); on the beach side of the Pacific Coast Highway, but not on the beach (yellow pins); and on the other side of the PCH (purple). A full map is here. They found that beachfront houses had a median sale price 51% above other houses south of the PCH and 122% above those across the highway. Price per square foot on the beach was $1,719, 79% higher than below-PCH's number and 204% higher than above-PCH's. So now you know just how much extra you'll have to pay to step outside your house in the morning and do yoga on the beach as the sun rises.

· Malibu Beach Sales Premium Map [PropertyShark]