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El Sereno Bridge Opens, West LA Vons Deathwatch Check

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EL SERENO: Today was a big day for El Sereno residents as the long-awaited Valley Boulevard Bridge (the arrow points to the start of the bridge as it goes over the train tracks seen at right) officially opened for business. Residents and commuters have long put up with 30 freight-train crossings a day, with the accompanying blasting train horns and backed-up vehicular traffic, but no longer thanks to this $54 million project. First envisioned in 1975, the new bridge features pedestrian walkways adorned with artwork. [Curbed Staff] [Image via City of Los Angeles]

WEST LA: Residents of West LA are awaiting the destruction of an old Vons on Santa Monica and Barrington that will be transformed into a fancy, pedestrian-friendly Pavilions. But an adjacent property supposedly getting the heave-ho for the Pavilions is sporting a sign indicating a gym is coming. What does that mean? "The project timeline has not changed," a rep from Pavilions tells us. "This is a temporary month-to-month tenant." Bulldozers should be arriving at the site in early 2011. [Curbed Staff]