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Rob Schneider's Normandy Manor House in San Marino

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A tipster informs us that comedian Rob Schneider's house in San Marino is simply not selling. Schneider first put the four bedroom, four bathroom house on the market in November asking $3.6 million. The listing says its "entry leads to tower staircase with famous Batchelder tile risers, formal dining room, butler's pantry, elegant wisteria covered patio that leads to stunning pool, and peaceful pond w/ babbling waterfall; secluded w/ private driveway." Our tipster adds that it has no A/C. The house was built in 1926 by architect Everett P. Babcock (a name Schneider can love) for himself, and "WINSTON CHURCHILL STAID HERE!", according to the listing, which we prefer to think of not as a typo, but as a genius Churchillian pun. After three chops, asking today is $3.2 million.
· 855 ROSALIND Rd [Redfin]

855 Rosalind Rd., San Marino, CA