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CIM Group Drops Lawsuit Against Magic Castle, City

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CIM Group's Orchid Apartments
So much for an exciting "Law and Order"-like scene featuring CIM Group, the Magic Castle and the city of LA. Instead of heading to trial--the jury trial was supposed to start this past Monday--at some point in the last week, CIM Group dropped its lawsuit against both parties. The developer sued last year, alleging water-run off had damaged its Orchid Street apartment complex. According to Andy Ulloa, CEO of Yamashiro, conversations with the developer will continue about possibly fixing the Magic Castle parking lot near CIM's property. Last month, City Attorney Peter Langsfeld called CIM's lawsuit a "sham" and stated the city would prevail. Today, via a statement, the city's office said: "We were always confident in our case and are pleased that this matter is now concluded."
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Magic Castle

7001 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028