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Like Everything Else, Bringing Back Broadway Waiting on Funding

[Downtown re-imagined. Rendering via Bringing Back Broadway]

The Downtown News looks at the status of "Bringing Back Broadway," City Councilman Jose Huizar's much bally-hooed plan for improvements along the Broadway corridor, an initiative that was launched back in 2008. Two of the biggest projects proposed are a new parking garage and a streetcar system, but financing for the garage is in limbo following the city’s budget crunch. According to the Downtown News, the back-up plan for the original parking garage is an automated parking system. Via the paper: "Jessica Wethington McLean, the executive director of Bringing Back Broadway, said it’s not a question of “if” new parking will be built, but rather how. She said officials are pursuing public-private partnerships for the facility." Meanwhile, the streetcar system is also waiting on funding. According to the Downtown News, only $10.5 million of the $100 million needed has been allocated. Huizar is hoping to get a grant from the Federal Transit Administration’s Urban Circulators program, while other federal funds is also being sought. If the Federal Transit Administration's grant doesn't come through, however, the 2014 pegged opening could be delayed, according to the paper.
· Broadway’s Mixed Bag [Downtown News]