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What Rights do Tenants Have When it Comes to Getting High?

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A landlord needs some advice on how to deal with a tenant who is inadvertently getting other tenants stoned. Tough one! Maybe the lawyers can weigh in. He writes: "’I've received several complaints from my tenants in a small complex that one of their neighbors who is also our tenant, is smoking marijuana every day and creating a contact high for those living in the same building.

When they came in today individually to pay their rents they asked me to do something about it and I’m a bit unsure of how to proceed. In many cases, I believe in letting people live and let live but the skunky smell created by one tenant is now affecting his neighbors and since it is now a daily issue I need to do something to improve on the situation.

In the past, I’ve had some tenants smoking their ‘medicine’ outside and asked them to take it indoors but now I have the opposite problem of neighbors complaining about what’s happening out of plain sight but clearly close enough to be causing an annoyance to the families (both with young children) living nearby.

Can you post something about how the medical marijuana rules and rent control laws can work? I certainly don’t know how this type of a request will work since the person can claim that they are taking medicine and I am persecuting them."
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