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Trashy-Looking Long Beach Ignored in River Cleanup?

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[Images via a 2008 Long Beach Post story]

CityBeat looks at the issue of pollution from the LA River and how it affects Long Beach, where the river's mouth is located. While billions in funding have gone to river or storm water quality improvement projects, most of the funds for clean-up efforts is going upstream. To be specific, 16 cities near the river received $10 million from the federal stimulus to place trash deflecting devices on storm drains that have water running into the river. But no big effort has been made to clean the river's mouth, according to CityBeat which means trash and toxins continue to wash up on Long Beach shores.

More: "What appears to be missing is a single large-scale project, either proposed or considered, to deal with the cumulative river pollution problem once it reaches the mouth of the river," according to the piece. Also explained is the fact that three area water reclamation plants are allowed by the EPA to dump "mitigated" waste into the LA River. Makes you want to take a dip. LA River image via Long Beach Natural Areas
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