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Spurned by Tesla, Downey Runs Back to its Ex-Development

Now that Tesla's decided to open a plant in Fremont rather than at Downey Studios and has let Downey down easy, the city is moving on with its life, by running back to the ex it dumped for Tesla. Downey had been working for a year and a half on a mixed-use development called Tierra Luna that had a draft environmental impact report and, according to the Press-Telegram, was a few months away from public hearings. Now officials say they want to revive the project, but it's not clear if they'll be taken back by the property owner. According to the draft EIR dated April 2009, the project would cover 79 acres and include office space, retail, up to 450 hotel rooms, about 1,500 residential units, park space, and 850,000 square feet of parking. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga shot at Downey Studios recently, and what's better revenge than that?
· With Tesla out, what's next for Downey and Long Beach sites? [Press-Telegram]