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Latest Expo Line Signs Near Cheviot Hills, Land Buying Question

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WEST LA: Gin and tonic mixes, but kids and trains? Behold the latest crop of signs courtesy of Neighbors for Smart Rail, which recently filed suit over the second phase of the Expo from Culver City to Santa Monica. NFSR wants the line underground; a message on their website states, "If there is no money to build Expo right, pull the plug on Phase 2." A representative from NFSR writes us that, "Signs went up a few wks ago. We had such a good response that we are ordering more signs." [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: A reader has a numbers question: "I see all kinds of (relatively) inexpensive plots of land for sale in the hills. If I were to buy, say, this one: for $110,000, and then buy a pre-fab home for, say, $190,000, would I have a dream home for around $300,000? I'm clueless as to how much more would I have to spend to get the ground ready for building, lay the foundation, hook up utilities, etc. Any ballpark estimates or pointers to relevant information would be much appreciated?" [Curbed Inbox]