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Must Organically Farm For Housing Near Griffith Park

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What/Where: A poolhouse in the Hollywood Hills.

Sounds good, right?: "[L]ocated just 2 streets away from all that Griffith Park has to offer...It has a refrigerator, small sink, outdoor grill, bed, wifi, tv and cable with every channel imaginable, own bathroom shared only in the summer months when we throw pool parties." The owners are "highly creative types that love dinner parties and good wine but don't like cigarettes or hard drugs." No rent.

The Catch: "Do you like organic living?" the ad asks. The question is really more "do you like organic living enough to tread around in chicken poop so that others can live organically?" The owners are asking "for 10-20 hours a week (more from March-July, less from July-March) of work that includes tending and harvesting garden, composting and caring for 2 cool chickens (every am they need fed, eggs collected, coop maintained and every evening put in coop for their safety) light household errands and office duties." And do you like carpentry? The poolhouse "needs some love but you are free to fix it up to your liking."

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· Pool House in the Hollywood Hills (Los Feliz) [Craigslist]