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Can't Go Under, Can't Go Over: Sherman Oaks Ralphs Explains Its Height

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Ralphs Sherman Oaks knows what the internet is for--Photoshopping and denying the haters. The blog dedicated to its planned urbany makeover is currently refuting claims from some locals who are concerned about the height.

Ralphs says "residents of Sherman Oaks and shoppers" don't want subterranean parking so they're putting all of it aboveground for a structure that will hit 48 feet at its highest point. The Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association wants the store on the ground level with parking below that and want the store to max out at 30 feet as dictated by the specific plan. They've submitted their own design that averages 30 feet. The whole issue is complicated because the site slopes down about 11 feet from Ventura to Moorpark, but the Ralphs blog offers you some video help from an architect. The current store is 46 feet high, which Ralphs points out is only two feet shorter than its new plan. "But two feet sounds like a lot!" you're saying. "Au contraire," says the Ralphs blog, "that's only six Yoplaits."
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