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Backlash to Green Line Extension Already Kicking Off

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The Beach Reporter talks up the under-environmental study Green Line South Bay extension that could stretch the light-rail from Redondo Beach to the South Bay Galleria and terminate at the proposed Torrance Regional Transit Center. Nothing too shocking presented in the story--a resident says something strange about the city using the extension as a money grab--but a Curbed reader directs us to the Green Line extension Facebook page, which she describes as "getting a NIMBY workover" and writes that the "Southbay is the new Westside apparently." A recent message on the site reads as thus: My family and i are terrified by this project, i cannot even begin to express how this can affect our lives for the worst..I have a hard time believing that such a project would be even consider in this residential area...You are talking about doing this project pretty much on my back yard and affecting thousands of people." If it happens, the extension would open in the 2020s, but the 30/10 plan could expedite it to this decade.
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