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Tuna Pizza Scandal: Jail Time Coming, Timeline Noted

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Image of women via PSN
The Pasadena Star News has the latest on the Tuna Pizza scandal, reporting that former Temple City Councilwoman Judy Wong has entered a no contest plea in regards to charges that she received thousands of dollars from developer Randy Wang in exchange for her support of his $75-million Piazza at Temple City mall project. Former Temple City mayor Cathe Wilson (both women are pictured) also was named by Wang--she also demanded a condominium from the developer.

With the plea, Wong now faces 16 months in prison, according to the paper, and will be sentenced last year this. The Pasadena Star News also has published a timeline of events, a graph which shows just how much money in bribes was handed over by Wang. There's also some riveting back and forth in terms of conversation--someone better get Hollywood on the phone: Here's the excerpt from May 3 2008: "Developer Wang records a conversation with Wong in which she says 'Normally I don't approve of graft, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get things to go along,' prosecutors say. The Chinese word that she uses for graft, "Tan Wu," also means "bribery," Wang says. "Meanwhile, last we heard, Wang was going to start his project approval process with the city all over again, and have a bribe-free go around this time.
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